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The Baffled Bootlegger is a former Police Officer, pub landlord, a singer in 2 bands, a husband and a dad…. Oh and he likes to rant

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  1. Full of admiration for you. I also left the force – however I had seen enough after just one year as a serving officer. I also felt a failure; I didn’t even stand it out of probation! However, several incidents left a nasty taste in my mouth and I took the decision to leave before I was trapped without any alternative. I also wondered whether the confidential information I held on sex offenders would be better dealt with by locals than our justice system. (Obviously it wasn’t but a timely alarm bell!) At that point I realised I wasn’t cut out for the role of a police officer. Colleagues told me that all officers go through feelings of helplessness and to hang in. For what though? I too had always wanted to be a police officer. I had no plan B. It was the dream job to me. My rose tinted specs soon slipped off though and I haven’t looked back. I have nothing but respect for those who serve. We send them out to deal with all sorts of things and hang them out to dry if one of them gets it slightly wrong. Remember, they are human too. Good luck with your new life. A new chapter that you can write. That you have the power to choose the happy ending. X

    1. August 20 2014

      Complaint against West Yorks Police

      I have held the position of PCSO with West Yorks Police since April 2003 until my early ill health retirement on the 31st August 2014,

      The I’ll health which I refer to was diagnosed in 2012 as Bilateral Osteo Arthritis of the knee joints which developed following an injury on duty in late 2009 from which I have never fully recover and which has become progressively worse until my retirement.

      In summery the I’m a long serving experienced officer with a good record, well thought of by my fellow officers and supervisors (PDRs to prove this) who has sustained an injury whilst on duty and subsequently developed a painful long term disability, one would imagine WYP would have some sympathy compassion and a duty of care for anyone finding themselves in this position ? Unfortunately not the case.

      The following I Wish to be considered as a formal complaint re the integrity honesty, of of the named officers and staff who’s attitude towards me during a year Long battle to be treated with the appropriate level care and respect.was nothing short of a disgrace and falls short of the minimum standards off professional standards and diversity legislation.

      A Sargent

      This officer was the subject of a grievance by me following ageist remarks he made to me, on finding out about my grievance he and

      An acting Inspector

      concocted various disciplinary issues in retaliation based on both of them (The AI was the grievance handler) making false and exaggerated statements in order to make the issues more serious and when challenged by myself in various meeting they involved

      Another Sergeant

      Who again lied in her statement in order to substantiate the accusations.in total contradiction of her earlier statement to myself

      I was able to expose these lies however no action was ever taken and in spite of the Sgt admitting making ageist and inappropriate remarks to me my grievance was not upheld.

      These three officers are guilty of gross misconduct bullying and victimisation and their integrity must surely be in question,
      they where instrumental in my position becoming untenable leading to my decision to retire.
      These officers remain unchallenged.

      A Chief Inspector

      On the advice of an HR officer this C I decided not to uphold my grievance because he claimed that when The Sgt in was questioned about it he had admitted making the comments however said he had not meant to cause offence and I was being over sensitive.
      this was not acceptable but as I was given this decision 48 hrs prior to annual leave I had no time to appeal and was declined an extension on the time scale for appeal.

      This grievance took over 9 months to finalise far out of procedure time scales but that I was told was ok.
      During this time all The HR officer was interested in was the discipline Issues, her manner, attitude and conduct in meetings was disgracefully I was made to feel like a trouble causer even though I was completely in the right and following the correct procedures.

      The Sargent has by now isolated me from my team and is victimising me by constantly insisting that I work alone, due to the stress of the grievance and discipline proceedings my health began to suffer and I was referred to OHU and my knee condition was recognised as a disability and due to the difficulty I had conducting foot patrols I personally obtained funding for a bicycle to use for my duties I also decided that I was unable to fulfil my duties on a full time basis as the the allowances made following my OHU report where being ignored by supervision.this decision to take part time proved to be financially difficult for me.

      In April 2014

      The C I

      Recommended that I was moved to another team as my relationship with My original sergeant was Poor ( I took this as an admission that I was being victimised so why was This sergeant not confronted ?) due to my previous grievance and I found myself being supervised by

      Yet another sergeant

      insisted that I undertook foot patrols although I could hardly walk and was in constant pain when challenged about this he simply said that the OHU report did not say I was unable to walk so I would have to do it, he on various occasions specifically said it was not appropriate for me to use a cycle and I must walk.
      He also told me that when I did use a bicycle I must leave it secured in the patrol area and patrol on foot,
      this is direct discrimination under the DDA as this did not apply to other officers only me.
      This forms part of the final risk assessment dated August 2014 produced by Sgt McLeod

      this caused me to become ill and I consulted my doctor and requested another OHU referral which was initially refused by HR officer because “she did not think OHU would have anything further to offer”
      my mobility was now so badly affected that my doctor signed my unfit for work due to my Arthritis and stress and the fact that I was being forced to walk.he said would cause irreparable damage to my Arthritic knee joints,
      during this period of sick leave I was bombarded with emails phone calls and letters from Various departments not with regard to my health,but about disciplinary matters which where by now over 12 months old and still-unresolved I had become very very stressed and anxious about them.
      For clarity I received two (2) welfare contacts in 18 weeks

      Whilst I was off I’ll I attended several case conferences and on all these occasions The HR seemed to be running the meetings rather than advising The supervisor who himself was abrupt and hostile towards me
      it also seemed to me that the meeting was per planned and scripted with no dynamic element whatsoever
      I was told by Jayne The HR officer that a sick note is just advisory and that it was psychologically good for me to be at work, when my union representative asked her to expand on these remarks she said “because your doctor says you are I’ll dose not mean you can’t come to work”
      She declined to offer any psychological qualifications to justify her other advice

      over this whole period I have found it almost impossible to get accurate meeting notes from HR it taking sometimes months to get a response and a flat refusal to provide copy’s of tape recorded discipline interviews.
      It was normal for some of the more arrogant statements made by her and other WYP officers to be omitted or miss quoted and she has refuse to correct them.

      At my last meeting in August I was given a written warning for attendance even though I have a disability and no new risk assessment was in place following my last OHU appointment which was more than a month old by then.
      The explanation for this was “well both Your Sgt & I have been on leave no one picks up our work when we are off ”
      I had during this period sent 4 emails asking for updates and had no reply,

      I believe that the HR officer had personal issues with me and that I was not treated in a fair manner,
      My Union rep recalled a comment she made to her “He dose not help himself with his attitude” I understand my reps response was to state that her personal feelings should be left out of it and I should be treated fairly and not victimised.

      I do not believe HR officer has the aptitude to hold the position she has she has no compassion or sympathy for employees who are often in distress when they encounter her.
      The Sgt is a very inexperienced manager and he often pretended to make notes at our request but did not take the top off his pen ?? (Lip service to fairness)

      In the final few days prior to my retirement 6 accusations of misconduct where withdrawn prior to a disciplinary hearing arranged for the 8th September 2014 the subject of this hearing was an accusation which I had not been interviewed about nor had it been brought to my attention in any other way until 14 days before the hearing date.

      The hearing was to be chaired by. ACC Mr Dodd,
      clearly this was a dismissal hearing in spite of me having had no opportunity to offer any defence.

      I am convinced that I could have no expectation of a fair hearing as ACC Dodd was there for only one reason and that this hearing was a kangaroo court following a long protracted witch hunt.

      It is my opinion that W Y P is institutionally corrupt, bullying and Harassment of employees is the norm and that I have been a victim of this at the heads of these officers and staff.
      As a result it has been impossible for me to continue my employment and I now find myself in financial difficulty as a direct result of their actions.

      This is a complaint I have sent to the head of HR

      They have just replied saying they will pass it to division

      Presumably so div can cover it up again

      Let’s see what the PCC PSD the home office have to say

      Any advice from anybody greatly appreciated

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