Correct me if I’m wrong but the term “Antisemitism” refers to hostility, prejudice, or discrimination against a person for being Jewish. Have I got that right or not? I think I have. So with that in mind, can anybody see why anybody would say that the following is an “antisemitic comment”?

“pretty much the only two people who currently oppose the Rothschilds and the banking cartel…”

Within that comment I fail to see any hostility, any prejudice or any discrimination. I fail to see any mention of the Jewish faith. So how can it be “antisemitic”?

The above comment was posted in response to this image which was posted on Facebook by former funny man Dom Joly


As you can see, the guy who posted the comment, Gaz Weeks, was simply pointing out that Putin and Jong-Un oppose the Rothschild and banking cartel. Nothing more. There was no expansion on his comment. There was no reference to being Jewish. There was no opinion expressed whatsoever. Gaz simply pointed out a fact. Russia and North Korea, if our media is to be believed (I know, don’t laugh) do indeed oppose Rothschild controlled banks along with the rest of the Western banking cartel.

It was Joly himself who then responded to Gaz and bizarrely claimed that his comment was antisemitic! The only way I can see Gaz’s comment being antisemitic in any way would be if 1. The definition of antisemitism was changed to mean you can not talk about Jewish people or Jewish familes. 2. Gaz said something negative about Jews such as implying it is ok to oppose the Rothschilds because they’re Jews… He didn’t and so I fail to see where the antisemitism that Dom Joly took so much offence to.

Several other people seemed as baffled as me and commented on the thread telling Dom that there was no antisemitism and in fact it was Dom himself that brought religious belief into the conversation.

Gaz pointed out to Dom that he was not being antisemitic and said he respects Joly as a comic but said that other than that he would like to kick Dom in the shin. A light hearted jokey comment I’m sure you’ll agree… Well, not Dom! He decided to respond with this…


His reply was questioned again by other people struggling to see the antisemitism in anything Gaz had said. I decided to ask him myself “How is opposing Rothschild antisemitic?”. I know that Gaz hadn’t opposed Rothschild but this was clearly what Dom had an issue with. I asked him whether it would make you a racist and prejudice against black people if you didn’t like Barack Obama? I asked him whether it would make you a sexist and against women if you opposed Killery Clinton? I tried to lighten the mood by poking fun at Trump too and suggested it was silly to pull the racism card on Gaz when there was nothing antisemitic about his comment. Joly got a little trigger happy with firing off insults with his response and tried to pull Gaz back into the fray by tagging him…


So I’m a “nasty moron” it seems. I laughed at how unhinged his comment seemed to be. Had he lost the plot. Where did Gaz imply that the Rothschilds were part of a banking cartel who “secretly control the world” and even if he did say that, how the hell is that antisemitic!? Because Rothschild is Jewish? So using Joly’s warped sense of logic you are antisemitic to say anything negative about a person who just so happens to be of Jewish faith even when your negative comments have no connection to that person’s religious beliefs. That would mean we can’t criticise movies staring a Jewish actor like Adam Sandler or Shia LaBeouf and that we must always laugh at every joke David Baddiel tells otherwise you’re a “nasty moron”. Using his same unhinged standards you might well argue that Joly is a racist against Koreans and Russians for sharing a post that makes fun of one Russian and one North Korean… I wouldn’t but a silly over sensitive individual who wants to pull the race card on those who disagree with them might well do.

I posted again and said

“It’s no more antisemitic [to slag off Rothschild and the banking cartel] than saying ‘Kanye West is shit is racist…”

I pointed out to the not so jolly Joly that Gaz’s post was simply stating a fact whilst his own comment labelling people as antisemites was potentially libellous. An alert flashed up on my phone telling me “Dom Joly mentioned you in a comment on his post”. This was his response…


So now I’m “Scum” along with being a “nasty moron”. Charming. His reply resulted in even more people siding against him and agreeing with me. I was unsure what “anti semitic lingo” I or indeed Gaz had used which had upset the comic and so had to ask.

I also pointed out that if a person opposes the Rothschild family because of their standing in the world of banking and financial control that does NOT make them an antisemite. I personally have a grievance with the wealth possessed by families like Rothschild, Rockerfella, Windsor etc whilst there is so much poverty in the world. It’s the disproportionate distribution of wealth that I oppose and that the religious beliefs of any of those people have no baring on me opposing their actions and hording of wealth. If however a person were to oppose the Rothschild family BECAUSE THEY’RE JEWISH then yes, they’re a racist and I would happily stand shoulder to shoulder with Mr Joly and shout “Scum” or “nasty moron”. Being of the Jewish faith does not give you total immunity to criticism for your behaviour and actions and also a person’s behaviour does not reflect their religion. His response?

He deleted the thread from his post.

I was tempted to post a new comment and start a new thread but what would be the point? Maybe Gaz deleted it cause he couldn’t be arsed with Dom’s mindless rants and the constant alerts? I don’t know to be honest but what I do know is that Joly, who I actually have a lot of time for in his TV programmes like Trigger Happy TV, seems to actually be a bit of a dickhead.

He should stick to playing pranks and acting the clown. And just for the record, criticising Dom Joly does not mean I have an issue with Lebanese people!



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