Whistleblowers – Threat to National Security or Threat to National Reputation?


When did whistleblowing and telling the truth become an act of terrorism?

Seemingly, if events over the last 3-4 years are anything to go by it is when it involves exposing the lies of Government. When the truths you tell can put the safety or economic security of a nation in danger because those in charge have lied or acted in a corrupt fashion in the first place. If you are brave enough to expose these acts to the public as Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange have done in recent times then it seems you are then considered a terrorist.

Mi5 state the following on their website in relation to terrorist;-

Terrorist groups seek to cause widespread disruption, fear and intimidation. They use violence or the threat of violence as a means of publicising their causes, motivating those who might be sympathetic to them and intimidating those who do not sympathise.

They go on to state that a terrorist’s actions involves or cause;-


  • serious violence against a person;
  • serious damage to a property;
  • a threat to a person’s life;
  • a serious risk to the health and safety of the public; or
  • serious interference with or disruption to an electronic system.

Having read that I can see why the US Government argued that the actions of Assange when he released the so called “War Logs” passed to him by Chelsea (Bradley) Manning were an act of terrorism because they stated that the contents of the logs and the cables of high ranking Government and intelligence officials would blow the cover of numerous assets. They stated that Assange, Manning and Wikileaks “had blood on their hands”.

The fact is however that nobody was ever killed or knowingly had their lives placed under threat by this leak. Robert Carr, a senior counter-intelligence officer from The Pentagon told a court hearing into the Manning case last year that there are no known examples of this happening as a result of the leak.

With that in mind then, how exactly is Assange, Manning and even most recently Snowden considered a terrorist?

When it comes to being a “Threat to National Security” however, it is not as black and white. There is no easy definition, no explanation or guidance. Whether a person poses a threat to national security is very much a decision for the Government to decide and it does not even have to be a direct threat to the nation in question. For example, if a person is considered a threat to another nation and ministers believe that that threat could impact somehow upon the relationship or trade between ours and that nation then all of a sudden that person becomes a threat to our national security too. It all seems very vague and too easy to consider a person a threat.

The definition of the word THREAT is;-

 a person or thing likely to cause damage or danger

If you disagree with me here then please say so but I would consider the following things a threat to national security;-

• An act which attacks, disables, undermines the effectiveness of our nations defence systems

• An act which threatens the life or safety of the nations leader(s)

• An act which threatens the safety of the public

• An act which interferes in any way with things such as air traffic control, the rail network, energy supplies etc

All of these things would place the nation at a security risk. But I do not believe that exposing lies, cover ups, manipulations and murder at Government level is a threat to national security.

The acts of telling lies, covering up illegal activity, manipulating people and organisations or committing murder, those act themselves when committed by those in power I would say are a matter of national security. Those individuals, those criminals, THEY are the threat to national security and NOT those who stand up and expose it.

It seems these days that causing a national or international embarrassment for Government leaders or putting them in tricky situation or under pressure have all been re-categorized as a national THREAT.

What these so called leaders need to bare in mind is that if their actions or the actions of those in their party or office would, if known to the public, cause you serious humiliation or bring your reputation into disrepute then it is you and your people who, if you are categorizing these things as threats, are posing a threat to national security.

Our Governments seem to encourage whistleblowing in areas such as education, health care, NHS and other public services but they are quick to condemn or discourage whistleblowing in the military, police service, intelligence agencies, Government and of course banking.

It is very much suspected by the general public and known amongst others that corruption exists in these areas. Almost daily we are seeing evidence, however vague, in the mainstream media and more so in the less mainstream media. We hear politicians refusing to answer difficult questions or blatantly telling lies when put on the spot so it stands to reason that they will try their hardest to stop their skeletons falling out of the closet. Even if that means targeting leaks and whistleblowers and conducting either character assassinations or even murder. Don’t believe me? See the first 12 minutes of this video – http://t.co/9IeELlOIq9

Still doubt it? Perhaps this ex CIA operative is grinding an axe?

What about Corporal Joseph Darby who revealed the fact that US soldiers were torturing Iraqi soldiers? His name was “accidently” leaked by a senior official resulting in threats being made to Darby’s life. As a result his life was ruined and he was forced to retreat into the witness protection programme.

We have already mentioned Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning) who was sentenced to 35 years in prison under the espionage act for revealing the video of US air strike massacring innocent civilians and leaking US “war logs”.

Gustl Mollath in 2003 reported his wife for malpractice at a major German bank. An internal investigation resulted in her dismissal. She in turn reports him for assault and whilst giving his evidence at court the judge interrupts Mollath, states the allegations he made against his wife were clearly paranoid hallucinations and then personally saw to it that money laundering charges being filled against his wife did not go ahead. Mollath was subsequently admitted to a psychiatric institution for seven years and upon his release the investigation against his wife was re-opened. His accusations were found to be true!

This is the incident spoken about in the video above. Professor David Kelly, weapons expert for Tony Blair blew the whistle on the Iraq war and stated documents on WMD were forged. He passed evidence and info onto the BBC who were unable to keep their source’s ID a secret and Kelly was revealed. Kelly was subsequently found dead in woods near his home his wrists were slashed. An autopsy was never conducted. Verdict suicide. However, no fingerprints were ever found on his knife and it was alleged that Kelly did not lose enough blood to bleed to death. It is suspected, even by former intel officers, that Kelly was assassinated.

In the 1950’s CIA employee Frank Olsen not only revealed to the public that the CIA were using mind altering drugs on agents, a program known as MKULTRA, but he also began a protest against the CIA. He later “committed suicide” by jumping from a 13th floor  window in New York. Years later his son allowed his body to be exhumed and examined. It was discovered that Olson was actually killed by a blow to the head with a blunt object…before being “allegedly” thrown out of the window to make it look like suicide.

Convinced yet? All these people did was find their conscience and morals and inform the public on corruption and illegal activity being carried out by the people and organizations who seem to be in charge of the world.

They did not put lives in danger or threaten the SECURITY of the nation, any nation, all they did was cause embarrassment and humiliation. A few red and angry faces as the powerful were caught out and their true colours were shown to the world. This has all of a sudden become, in the Government’s eyes, grounds for ruining or taking lives.

A threat to national reputation is NOT a threat to national security. If you have secrets, if you misbehave then eventually it WILL come to bite you on the arse and when that happens it is YOU that is to blame, NOT the person who brought the matter to light.


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