It appears that through no fault of my own, a mixture of political skullduggery and lack of information provided by the College of Policing even when I asked about it, I may have neglected to provide some vital information which seems to make this new “Bobby Tax” less discriminatory and biased.

Whilst I still do not agree with the idea of having to obtain a Certificate in Knowledge of Policing PRIOR to even applying for the Police, a course which I stated in my last blog would cost £1000 and mean only the wealthy can apply to be Police Officers… There is some errors or omissions in the information.

Both the CoP website and the information from Siobhain McDonagh failed to mention the following provided to me today by Ex North Yorkshire Chief, Peter Walker.

The Certificate in Knowledge of Policing is a “Level 3” Qualification which means that;-

• Unemployed people can be fully funded to get the qualification

• Ex-Military personnel can be fully funded

• People aged 19 – 23 can be fully funded (if they don’t have a Level 3 already – ie A Levels) if they have a level 3, they are 50% funded if the course is classroom-based (which this is).

• For completeness only – all 16 – 18 learning is fully funded.

• People 24+ in employment who are not ex-military are NOT funded, but can receive a Student Loan to cover the costs – just as if they were at University.

This is the sort of vital information you would think the CoP would state on it’s website and whilst I don’t wish to support the Tories in anyway it is the sort of info you would fully expect a rival MP to neglect to mention. As I am not a Daily Mail reporter and like to deal with facts I thought it only correct to re-blog and include this information.

Thanks to Peter Walker.



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