“We need [you] to do more with less” says multi millionaire tyrant


Every now and then a news article appears that angers me and today it was this article in The Guardian. It is not the article itself but rather the subject and the event it speaks of.

Our increasingly dictatorial “leader” David Cameron addressed The Lord Mayors Banquet, an event in which an extravagant hall is filled with people who really have no grasp of the real world and matters which impact upon the public, and he announced that “WE MUST DO MORE WITH LESS… NOT JUST NOW, BUT PERMANENTLY”.

In 2010 Cameron tried to convince us that he was imposing severe cuts out of necessity in order to address the national debt. However, it now appears the PM has a larger agenda. He plans on continuing to impose cuts and making the public suffer in order to pursue his new dream of building a “leaner, more efficient state”. He plans on building a new Great Britain, presumably one that lines his pockets and those of his ilk.

Addressing a room of millionaires and multi millionaires, exquisite furniture, gold and jewels and the finest food and wine money can buy he uttered the words “WE MUST DO MORE WITH LESS”. We all know that when he says WE he means US. The hard working, tax paying public. He himself and those he surrounds himself with have not been impacted by any of the cuts or financial constraints because they have been born into wealth or simply take it from the public pot. Whenever he or his party members are publicly asked the question “WHAT PERSONAL SACRIFICES HAVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY HAD TO MAKE DURING THESE CUTS” the same old scripted rhetoric is uttered about the country being in dire straits due to the last government. It is tiresome and boring and the public see straight through it.

Cameron claims that he now wants “more with less” doing permanently to help his new ambition of building a leaner state to “deliver better results for the taxpayer”… What he actually means is he wants, in fact he will FORCE, the taxpayers to do more with considerably less to deliver more to the tax TAKERS and help Cameron & Co make a profit from Great Britain Ltd.

It shows that his speech in 2010, in which he told us that the cuts were not part of a political agenda, was complete rubbish. It shows that he is out of touch with how things work in the real world if he thinks we actually have a CHOICE to do anything other than more with less. It shows that he has utter contempt for the general public raising such issues and announcing further hurt and pain to our lives and pockets whilst dressed in an expensive suit surrounded by such sickening wealth.

This wealthy tyrant who runs our country like his own personal company wants to impose more cuts to the public and take more money out of OUR pockets making it impossible to cover our cost of living whilst at the same time he and his cronies take a huge pay rise and get to claim every single penny of their own cost of living back from public money. It is sickening, vile and immoral behaviour and to call these people LEADERS is absurd.

In 2010 David Cameron wrote in his own Ministerial Code that in everything he and his ministers do they must remember that they are NOT masters of the public but servants. Well it is about time these corrupt and immoral dictators were held to account by those they serve.

For now, rant over. I will leave Russell Brand to say the rest. Love him or hate him, please watch this interview… http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c_IAI5THd-E.


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