What Is In A Name?


I have just watched THAT interview with Katie Hopkins on This Morning where she makes herself look like a stuck up, arrogant horse faced snob. The one where she tells Holly & Phillip that she judges kids based on their name.

Now if we’re all honest, when we hear certain names, we instinctively and instantly have preconceived ideas and images related to that name. Most will no doubt be media influenced and some will probably be influenced by personal experience but I dare say the vast majority of us have our own preconceptions about certain names.

These are not judgments of the child/adult in question but rather word association and preconception of the NAME. The Human mind has a very good system of linking words to mental images. It’s a partly how memory recall works. For example, thanks to our “great” leader David Cameron, whenever I hear the name Cameron I immediately picture an ignorant arse hole as my mind does that natural action of associating a word to a memory, thought or picture. I do not however think “This kids a little shit and will grow into an arse hole”…. (unless of course the kids is being a little shit lol). Other names and the associations I make include…

Liz or Elizibeth = The Queen – Regal and elegant

William = Prince William and even Will I Am – cool and respectful

Jessie = Jessie J or that doll from Toy Story – Fun and a bit crazy

Chantelle = a lass I went to school with who was hard as nails – Funny and tough

Simon = Simple Simon from the childhood nursery rhymes – Simple

George = Georgie Porgie pudding and pie kissed the girls and made them cry

Liam = My school bully – suffering and pain and upset

These are MY preconceptions. This is how MY mind works so you will probably not agree with some or all.

Truth is we all have our own associations and links with certain names. That is fine. That is natural. That would not have pissed everybody off if Hopkins had just stuck to that path.

However, what this insufferable snob did was to take a massive leap forward and she stated that she and her ilk actually take these preconceived ideas and associations and judge a CHILD based on them. She stated that she would ban her children playing with kids if they were called Tyler or Chardonnay. She said they would NEVER enter her home. Like they were diseased ridden vermin she simply cast these children aside.

She used examples of a kid called Tyler being naughty and disruptive at school throwing books around the class room and never doing his homework. She implys that Tylers etc would never make it in life or do well for the selves. She has never heard of lawyers called Kylie or Tyler. Even when told of a list of names (which she considers scum) who are doctors & professors etc she STILL judges them based on their name and says “yes well when I hear those names I think never did homework, always rocking up late etc”

She moves onto geographical names such as Brooklyn and names like Apple etc claiming she hates these too…. Phillip then points out her hypocrisy by reminding her that her kids are called Poppy and India!! Apparently though, according to the dizzy mare, India jsn’t named after the country and is just a “beautiful name for a beautiful child”.

As you can tell, the interview has pissed me off. Having preconceptions of certain names is natural I believe, but judging THE CHILD and actually discriminating against them based on that name alone is wrong and almost as bad (if not the same) as judging a person on appearance or skin colour.

Not having the brains to realise that a name does not make the person or dictate what they will achieve in life is her mistake. I feel sorry for her children. Not only does mummy hate their names (which presumably she picked) but she is raising them to believe it is acceptable to judge a person based on something as shallow as their name alone.

Rant over. I am off to take my kids Smirnoff and Stella to shoplift from charity shops.




One comment

  1. dasbeard2013

    Smirnoff…..? Bit downmarket for me mate. Grey Goose – now that’s a child’s name if I ever heard one.

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